Topz is the phenomenom of posting the first post of a page. It usually occurs every 50 posts but on occasion will appear in the middle due to the noobness of 25ppp.

Rules of TopzEdit

When achiving topz one must put Topz: followed by a Lulzy image or .Gif

Regular TopzEdit

Hitmonshark will usually follow a wrestling related .gif with topz, seemingly whoever is flavour of the month will be Topz Gif

BenRama has posted every one of his Topz with some incorporation of Brian Kendrick.

manup733 usually posts his Topz with a .gif from The Office.

In the CT, makoncrayley would usually follow topz with a pokemon pic, a random gif, or both. In the DT, he would usually post a random wrestling gif. He forgets what the main website for wrestling gifs is.

Another popular topz is boobs.