The WWE Prediction Contest (Otherwise known as the PPV Prediction Contest) is a contest that runs during the last two or three days before a WWE PPV. It's current run has been done on the main board since March 2009, and is currently being hosted by makoncrayley.

History of the contestEdit

Before March of 2009, the Prediction Contest would be run on the Smackdown Board's MU (Member Update), and would include both WWE and TNA PPVs. During the WrestleMania 25 weekend, a user (username coming soon) made a prediction contest on the main boards, which many users predicted in. Since then, the contest has been run for every WWE PPV. Since the Night of Champions contest, the results would be posted on the a seprate thread. This has been done for all but two PPVs (Breaking Point and Over the Limit), with those two being due to time restraints.


The Prediction Contest has has many hosts since it's creation. Coming soon will be a list of all those who have made this contest.