The_Sigh registered in Jan 10 after his original account the_ruler_of_all registered in 05 was perma banned for spamming pics of jack swagger in multiple threads.

he is also the innagural winner of image of the week in the MU

was also banned in the Survivor Series bannings

Ruler of all

Proof I was here in 05

When user Some_Random_Aussie reached 10k The_Sigh decided to go ahead and adopt the Aussie as a gift, SRA was the only reg not with insider so the 8 dollars was well worth it

ISB TenureEdit

Sigh joined the ISB 2.0 in hopes of accomplishing great things, He is currently undefeated in the Attitude brand and He became the Cruiserweight Champion after defeating RKObrawler1992 at Vengence Aftermath