Some_Random_Aussie came to the Smackdown Boards realising there was a board where people could inquire about cheats and tips for the game. Like most users he lurked for a while before signing up.

SRA is not random in the literal sense. His presence is random, not his actions. He is actually Random Australian #27362 on duty surveying and protecting the Smackdown Board (mostly to inform the CT of pr0n riots on teh vestibule when no one goes there anyway lol).

When he signed up he managed to spam his way through well over 1,000 posts in his first month at IGN. After it was pointed out to him that he was posting waaaaaaaay too much he backed away from the computer slowly not taking his eyes off it lest it attack him from behind.

SRA ended up being titled as a thread killer after an unfortunate MU was posted by Kog. Kog came to bump the MU claiming that he was there to save his MU from oblivion at the hands of SRA. After SRA expressed his shock, the thread died again after which people such as fellow Aussies makoncrayley and Astus01 started to say "SRA stop trying to kill the MU" until it became a running gag. This continued until their aussie shenanigans were put to an end by BigAC88.

After life commitments and general busyness kept him from posting SRA came back to full time posting in late May.

SRA has become one of the most prolific spammers on the Smackdown Board. This is ironic considering the reason why he stopped posting regularly in the first place. After having returned in May with a post count of 1990, he now has over 10,000 on his main alone.

This high level of posting is due to SRA discovering Hells Waiting Room, otherwise known as Teh Vestibule. SRA discovered the addictive nature of posting in the insipid sesspool that is teh vesti during Survivor VIII. Thanks to teh vesti SRA has gone from having 2 WULs on his main to well over 200.

Speaking of Survivor, due to a challenge that required playing Checkers over MSN, SRA realised how terribly bad he is at the game and became a whipping boy for the italic tribe losing more than 7 games of checkers. As a result SRA is now scarred for life and can no longer discuss the horror of that devilish game without recoiling in hysteria and shouting "NO MOAR CHECKERS!!!!!".

SRA has many alts. At first posting on his alts to stall his 10K milestone, it had become a game which had great entertainment value. As a result, SRA further stalled his 10K milestone thread much to the annoyance of many regular users on the Smackdown Board. But in the end SRA ended up doing a review of WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011, much to the disappointment of Smackdown board regs.

In 2014, someone thought it'd be good to mod him. We're all doomed.