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rhysus2005 (born June 22, 1991) is a member of the IGN Boards and has been a regular on the SmackDown! board since he registered back in March 2005. He is now one of the oldest registered users currently active on the SmackDown! board,with only a few other 05's still posting there regularly.


Over the years, rhysus2005 has done it all; he's competed in all of the contests of the SmackDown! Board like the ISB, Survivor, Around The Horn, IEF (an efed ran by GrungeIsDead1) and much more. He has ran his own contests (IGN SmackDown! Debate League being the most successful), has ran the MU's on two occasions, been adopted twice, bought insider three times and has collected almost 15,000 posts as of June 2010.


.Registered on IGN (3 Mar 2005)
.Insider'd (1) (4 July 2005)
.User of the Friday Night Project (7 October 2005)
.Unjustly Overlooked User of the week - MU (4 Dec 2005)
.Finished in 12th place on SmackDown! Survivor II (16 Jan 2006)
.Got interviewed on MU #59! (25 Jan 2006)
.Started the Community Thread Bananza (22 Mar 2006)
.1-year IGN anniversary (3rd Mar 2006)
.Insider'd (2) (7th Aug 2006)
.Finished 33rd in Survivor IV (17 Dec 2006)
.Thread of the week - FNP (2nd Feb 2007)
.Thread of the week - MU (4th Feb 2007)
.2 year anniversary (3rd Mar 2007)
.Hosted my first successful contest (IGN SmackDown Debate League I) and RKOmaster_ won it. (Apr 2007)
.Took part in Survivor V but was eliminated before the merger (20th May 2007)
.#15 in Power 15 on WWE SmackDown! Board MU (10th June 2007)
.Adopted by nWo4life26 (3) (9th Aug 2007)
.#7 in Power 15 on WWE SmackDown! Board MU (12th Aug 2007)
.3-Year Anniversary (3rd Mar 08)
.Got interviewed on Los' MU #19 (9th May 08)
.Adopted by jim784m (4) (2nd July 08)
.Insider'd (5) (4th Oct 08)
.Unjustly Overlooked User of the Week - MU (7th Dec 08)
.4-Year Anniversary (3rd Mar 09)

.Ran the MUs (2009-2009)

.Ran the MUs (2) (2010-2010)
.5-Year Anniversary (3rd Mar 10)

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He copied this section from my page. - manup733

He runs like a Welshman! Don't you..don't you think he runs like a Welshman? He runs like a Welshman, yeah. - kogunenjou

The only guy who can be 12 and 19 at the same time - Hitmonshark


  • rhysus2005 is the only welsh user to become a regular on the SmackDown! Board.
  • rhysus2005 was one of the first members of ISB when it began in 2007.
  • rhysus2005 is a huge fan of Killswitch Engage.
  • rhysus2005 was a 4-time IEF Tag Champion while the e-fed was alive, tied with only one other person for most reigns.
  • rhysus2005's favourite wrestlers are CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho.
  • rhysus2005's favourite movie of all time is the Shawshank Redemption.