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manup733 (born September 19, 1990) is a regular user of the Smackdown board. He rarely posts though; and with the lack of ISB, he has been posting more in the CT. He's not the funniest, he's not the smartest, and he's not the best user. He's just a guy in the bunch who stands out for nothing in particular.

ISB careerEdit

Will fill later, lol.

User's thoughts on himEdit

"I totally carried him during our very short run as a tag team" - makoncrayley

"He's not my frigging alt." - kogunenjou

"He is a Lost fan and one of my Caption Contest judges. I have to like him." - RandyRhoadsx69

"He's sorta always just been there since he signed up. Although I don't think I've ever spoken to him for more than 5 minutes." - rhysus2005


  • He's from Argentina, and the only one in the Smackdown Board.
  • He has won two championships in the ISB and hasn't lost any of them. He was stripped of the Jr. Heavyweight Championship when Jairo took over, and he was holding the Pure Championship when the ISB decided to take another break. The future of his title is uncertain.
  • He registered in 05, but was not really active until 07-08. Even then, he was just a noob.
  • He's somewhat known for making banners of wrestlers by request.
  • He ran ISB Smackdown for a week by using one of his perks. The card was called 'Time To Man Up'.
  • His username has nothing to do with the Briscoe Brothers. The 'manu' part stands as a short for Manuel, and is used as a nickname. The 'p' comes from the first word of his last name. The '733' are just the last three numbers of his DNI (National Identity Document is the translation in English).
  • He likes rugby and soccer mainly, and has played rugby and tennis for 5 and 6 years respectively.
  • He's a huge Lost fan.