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Hitmonshark joined IGN in January of 2008 and since then has become a regular on both the PWB and the WWE Smackdown boards. Hitmon posts regularily in the CT and DT and occasionally posts threads. Hitmon is best recognized by his Veemon icon that was generous

The Krzy Fail Count image that Hitmonshark created

ly made by Kogun. Hitmon started the Pokemon Page Number trend and is the creator of the Krzy Fail Count image (see right). Hitmon has also been known to grace both the CT and DT with Amazing and LULZy .Gifs Hitmon reached 5000 Posts on July 17 2010

CT Wrestling FederationEdit

Hitmonshark made his CTWF debut by attacking Makon with the help of Some_Random_Aussie but Makon soon retaliated and put hitmon out of action for a brief period. Hitmon made is comeback at the Rumble where he won by last eliminating Gr8Dane_RIP. He defeated Makoncraley at CT Mania to win CT Championship, but lost the title back to him at BackClash in an ironman match.

In WrestlingEdit


Shooting Shark Press ( 450 Swanton)

Hitmonbuster - ( Elevated Angels Wings)


Royal Rumble - 2010

CT Champion (1 time)

Board Awards and AccomplishmentsEdit

Bronze Medal - WWE Prediction Contest - WWE Hell in a Cell 2009

Silver Medal - WWE Prediction Contest - WWE Extreme Rules 2010

Platinum Medal - WWE Prediction Contest - WWE Fatal 4 Way 2010

Gold Medal - WWE Prediction Contest - WWE TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2010

MU AwardsEdit

User of the DT

Image of the Week

You Missed Out On It

Most Memorable Moment

CT User of the Week

Icon of the Week for Ultimate Morrior,Mischief SpongeBob and Ashley Valence

John Morrison 3 3

Ultimate Morrior


Users thoughts on HitmonEdit

He's one of those users often in the CT. - manup733

Why does he have an article again? - kogunenjou



Hitmonshark lives in Canada