Gr8dane, or more widely known as "Gr8", is a 2 year account on the smackdown board. He's posted with multiple accounts since 2006, but his GR8DANE account is the longest one he's ever stuck with. Dane is most known on the boards as either a retard, a troll, a douche, an asshole, a prick... The list goes on.


Gr8 lurked mostly on the board under multiple accounts that no one would recognise. He didn't really do anything special... Moving on...


Gr8 returned to the boards after a few months and created a new account. He became more known on the boards and joined a league known as XWL. He made some friends, made a lot more enemys. After realizing this, he decided what path he must take: the path of a troll. At first he was one of the best, always pissed off people and got a bunch of lulz. Over time though, people caught onto Gr8 after realizing there's no way someone can post for ISB, be one of the best members in XWL, and still be that stupid. So, his new priority were joke threads and generating lulz for the boards. He became a more respected member but still kept some enemys.

Right now, he's still a member of XWL and co-ran the disaster of Survivor VIII.