Einzi_25 (Born July 12, 1998) is a user on the Smackdown board most users know, few users are neutral about Einzi, you either love him or hate him..well actually, most of the people that hate him today live in trailers or under rocks, because in his one year on the boards he's really gone from a national hero, not really, but he's way better than he was. Einzi rarely posts in the smaller threads as he likes posting in the CT, DT, GM mode thread and ISB threads (when it was active). his story

The Einzi_25 storyEdit

In June 2009 Einzi_25 signed up. Originally under the username gulliliushelgis, having around 200 posts after a year. Einzi_25 was made for ISB, but ended as a more regular account. Right at the beginning Einzi_25 became one of the most annoying user of the Smackdown board, constantly posting pictures of John Cena with some 'smart' lines under them, for example: "You post as good as I wrestle" and so on. Without even getting his trial match in the ISB judged, Einzi_25 was banned from ISB Smackdown until further notice.

In the following weeks Einzi spread around the board with annoying posts and kind of got on everyone's nerves, mostly the 'cool users', they hated Einzi, the rest did.

To sum things up, now everybody loves Einzi..yay