BenRama (created account January 2010) is an IGN Board user who frequents the Smackdown Board and Teh Vestibule, with the former considered his "home board". He was also known as MrIncredi13 before he switched to Rama due to "incomprehensible disdain for my old name". He is a noted fan of Brian Kendrick and all of his work in the wrestling industry.
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BenRama initially posted on the boards as MrIncredi13 from May 2009. He changed to BenRama almost immediately as he created it. From there, he posted reguarly on The Icon Board garnering close to 30 WULs from icon requests, and has over 50 WULs to date. No less than 6 months into his tenure it's no less than an impressive achievement. He was the fastest known user who registered in 2010 to reach 1,000 posts, taking less than two months.

He currently has over 2,000 posts from posting on the Smackdown Board, The Vesti, Pro Wrestling and The Icon Board. He joined as a first time user in the famed ISB in one of it's many incarnations under Hitman_Hart. Here, he was the first ever Welterweight Champion defeating Einzi_25 by submission in the quarter final. Due to the chronology of the matches; this made BenRama the only user to hold a title for a 3 day period, and the first champion in it's final state.

Board ContributionsEdit

Once kogunenjou had rebooted the Board MU, BenRama produced the first ever Board Segment entitled "Rama's Corner" for the MU for three weeks ru

BenRama's first ever Political Poster style icons. This being a hyperbolic reference to Barack Obama's Political Campaign

nning. He had plans to initiate a "Power15" but this has not been formulated as yet. This paved the way for segments such as "Random Thoughts" by makoncrayley and a number of WorkerBeez segments. He produced a similar segment on the Pro Wrestling Board's MU also titled "Rama's Corner". However, instead of the familiar Brian Kendrick header image he produced and used on the Smackdown Board, he used a Abraham Washington themed header image instead. He was a noted user along with kogunenjou to contribute a high number of posts to the previous incarnation of the Community Board.

He is due to co-host the Board Survivor competition along with Gr8Dane, kogunenjou and Rhysus2005.


  • BenRama has posted over 80 Brian Kendrick .gifs on the boards, but has never posted a picture that he didn't produce or edit himself.
  • BenRama's username derives from The Rapture song No Sex For Ben.
  • He has never posted the word "senile".
  • He was listed first in kogunenjou's 1,000 post thread.
  • He was an originator of the MU themed segments, producing the first.
  • He is a former CT User of the Week winner under Rhysus brief stint as MU designer
  • He has created 4 icons for users who have gone on to win icon of the week with the icon he produced, yet he hasn't won the award himself.